…The beginning

Welcome to my blog, “Seeking…” There are many things one can seek in life and having always wanted to do my own blog I thought I would share my experiences as I begin to seek. At the moment, Seeking dot dot dot (…) is the main theme centred around this blog. Hopefully different topics will … Continue reading



We all go through moments in our life where we feel we’ve hit a big stop sign. I for one can say I possibly have. Is this because I’m expecting more from the situation I am in? Or, is it more because I am comparing myself to others? I would like to blame Facebook for this, … Continue reading

…To Serve

Wowza! So its been a couple of months since I last did a blog piece, pathetic really when I’ve only done 3 blogs in total. Though many people have heard about my trip to Sierra Leone or have seen my videos I thought that I should do a small blog piece to go in my … Continue reading

….London 2012

Being a person who prefers looking at photos and watching videos, I thought I should bite the bullet and face my fears of publishing my videos. I decided a long time ago that I was going to start my own YouTube channel but conveniently never got around to it. I already have two videos on my Channel, unfortunately even though I … Continue reading