….London 2012

Being a person who prefers looking at photos and watching videos, I thought I should bite the bullet and face my fears of publishing my videos. I decided a long time ago that I was going to start my own YouTube channel but conveniently never got around to it.

I already have two videos on my Channel, unfortunately even though I claim to be the singer in those videos, it isn’t me! It’s my dear friend Meera, who infact has her own blog http://ibemissawesome.wordpress.com/ and you can follow her on twitter @meerav89

So….Having just been to some of the London 2012 games I thought I would make some videos to make people feel part of the atomosphere. However, I slightly failed, I didn’t actually film any of the events as they happened more like the in betweens and the after moments.

I hope you enjoy my first YouTube video and with your support I shall make more 😀 😀


3 thoughts on “….London 2012

  1. Aww thanks for the shout out! Keep the entertaining videos coming! Maybe a dance date video and your love for Ellen? Which you should send her… She might call you maybe?!

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