…To Serve

Wowza! So its been a couple of months since I last did a blog piece, pathetic really when I’ve only done 3 blogs in total. Though many people have heard about my trip to Sierra Leone or have seen my videos I thought that I should do a small blog piece to go in my “archive”.

Babies love me!

In short, I went to Sierra Leone in September as part of a medical camp with 23 other volunteers as part of Better Lives Foundation (BLF) to offer free medical care to the less fortunate. Having just qualified as a pharmacist I thought this was definitely the first step I should take as I started my career.

(My pre-camp video was filmed at 11pm the night before I flew when everyone was asleep so apologies for the quality… I didn’t wear the hat or read the book 😦 )

I’m a strong believer that a picture says a 1000 words so, before I travelled I decided that I was going to make a video diary and to my bad luck my video camera ran out of battery whilst I was there… I was not impressed! I tried to work with the material that I had on my phone and the material shared between the other volunteers accompanied by an attempt of working with iMovie maker. (I’d like to think I did a pretty decent job!)

In a nutshell, it was amazing!  I made some awesome friends and got to experience life on a different patch of green. I’ve visited less developed countries in the past but this was something I had never seen before. It did make me realise we take a lot for granted, what we believe are necessities, are actually luxuries to others such as, running water and electricity. Its not to say that we shouldn’t have them but maybe we all need to take a moment to be thankful and show our appreciation even for the little things we have been blessed with.  In the famous words of John F. Kennedy…

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” 

Remembering this quote I do feel grateful for the life I lead and hope to do more charity work here in the UK and if the opportunity arises be part of another camp in Sierra Leone some day soon. I hope you enjoy the video and remember share, rate, comment and subscribe. 🙂

I hope to do another blog soon, hopefully this time it will be within the next three months, so watch this space!

Once again thank you to BLF for allowing me to be part of the September 2012 camp and I look forward to the camps to come.

For more information, visit: http://www.betterlivesfoundation.org/


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