We all go through moments in our life where we feel we’ve hit a big stop sign. I for one can say I possibly have. Is this because I’m expecting more from the situation I am in? Or, is it more because I am comparing myself to others? I would like to blame Facebook for this, and I guess it is a facade, people aren’t exactly going to put pics up of themselves having a bad hair day or when they’re in a bad mood!

So what am I going to do about this “stop sign”? I’m known to work towards  goals and I’m a lover of a good challenge ;-).

A few years ago when finishing university my friends and I put together our list of ” things to do before we turned 30!” This list was awesome but looking back perhaps it was a bit too ambitious and wash’t as definitive as it should be.

So, the idea now is to re-start my list and make an active effort to achieve my goals. Without getting too personal I have realised I hold on to baggage and find it hard to see the bigger picture. After recently finishing a leadership course I was involved with I should be like a meerkat and see far and beyond, making my steps to get there practical.

I don’t think I can revise my list instantly but it is definitely something I am working towards, one thing for sure is I need to make this blog a bit more affective, I think I stopped writing because I thought people thought it was boring or perhaps I thought my life was too boring to blog about. On the contrary I guess its as exciting as you make it. I’ve said this many times but I hope to update it a lot more and even if no-one does it read I guess its a way to filter the thoughts in my head and share it with the few people who do read it. 🙂

Watch this space and look out for my list.


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